ULTRASNON at The Institute of...

The Institute of Thermomechanics is a scientific and research institution of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Research Area of Mathematics, Physics and Earth Sciences > Section of Applied Physics). The Institute conducts interdisciplinary basic research in fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, dynamics of mechanical systems, solid mechanics, interactions of fluids and solids, environmental aerodynamics, biomechanics, mechatronics, electrophysics, electrical machines, drives and power electronics and material diagnostics.

After the end of the IXth NDT in Progress Workshop members of the project team decided to visit The Institute of Thermomechanic. In a pleasant atmosphere laboratories and test facilities were presented by researchers and other employees to ULTRASNON team members. Visit has ended with demonstration of ultrasound monitoring of a high pressure steam pipe from power plant. 

Autor: Petar Franček
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