Aims and objectives

  1. Measurement of active piezoceramic elements, namely, their dielectric, electromechanical and piezoelectric properties. These elements will be used in measurement setup and contact and non-contact HIFU transducers modelling and construction in extremely nonlinear operating conditions, using high amplitude multiharmonic continuous signals (up to 100 VRMS). 


  1. Determination of equivalent circuits for active piezoceramic elements in the vicinity of all significant resonant modes by fitting available models for nonlinear elements behaviour with measured electrical impedance data.


  1. Implementing a novel measurement procedure which is to include tracking of the resonance frequency of the active piezoceramic elements, dependent on the level of the excitation signal.


  1. Virtual prototyping of new contact low-frequency focused ultrasonic systems and new high-frequency ultrasonic systems with flat and curved radiation surface.


  1. Testing the samples of biomedical material (hard and soft tissue samples) using the proposed novel measurement system and new procedures.