Measurement equipment:

1. Arbitrary  waveform generator Agilent 33512b, 20 MHz, 2-channels.

2. Bode 100 multifunctional measuring instrument, frequency response analyzer with differential probes covering high voltage amplitudes in the frequency range from 1 Hz up to 40 MHz.

3. Agilent MSO-X3024A Oscilloscope, four channel, up to 200 MHz.

4. RF high power amplifier E&I 2100L with matching transformer for exciting piezoceramic samples and ultrasound transducer at high excitation levels (maximum forward power 125 W,            maximum reflected power 100W, frequency range from 10 khz up to 12 MHz).

5. MTI 2100 Photonic sensor for measuring displacements in nm, mikrometer and mm range in the frequency bandwidth up to 400 kHz.

6. Thermal Imager, FLIR E5, for thermal characterization of electroacoustic transducers.

Additional measurement equipment:

1. B&K Measurement hydrophone, for measuring pressure levels in water and air up to 200 kHz frequency range (2 pieces).

2. NEXUS preamplifier for low noise amplification of hydrophone signals working in the frequency range  up to 100 kHz.

3. Audio amplifiers TOA 300 W (2 pieces) for working in the frequency range up to 50 kHz.

4. Miniature needle type ultrasound hydrophone FORCE with PAN-2 preamplifier for measuring signals from 500 kHz up to 20 MHz.

Lab made measurement setups:

1. Measurement system for tracking resonance behaviour of resonant devices at different driving and thermodynamical conditions.

2. Measurement system for electrrical, mechanical and acoustical characterization of acoustic and ultrasonic devices at different thermodynamical and loading conditions.

3. Comparison between contact and non-contact high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) effects in ellipsoid and spherical configurations.

4. Self developed sytem for monitoring real-time temperature of a measured piezo elements