Laboratory for determination of complex structures properties with acoustics methods LoskSam/AcuLab

LoskSam / AcuLab
Name of the laboratory: Laboratory for determination of complex structures properties with acoustics methods (LoskSam / AcuLab)

Location of the laboratory: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Department of Acoustics, C-X-02.

Short description of the laboratory: 

This research laboratory provide different types of technical services connected with acoustic and ultrasound waves propagation through different complex structures (food samples, biomedical tissue samples, steel with cracks, plexiglass and different complex materials). We can determine basic material properties like Young's modulus by using linear and nonlinear acoustic or ultrasound waves. Electrical, mechanical and acoustical characterization of electroacoustic transducers for different applications (high power sonochemistry and surgery, non-destructive testing of material) can be done in this research laboratory.


1. Active project proposal: Optimization of ultrasonic system for treatment of plant products in food industry (SoNoWaste) is submitted in March 2020.

2. Projects in preparation:
a)Ultrasound antifouling system (finding optimal excitation frequency and ultrasound power to reduce number of algaes on ships in Adriatic sea and designing optimal electrical excitation system).
b) Designing more efficent loudspeaker array to cover public area during concerts
Other activities (measuring sound (ultrasound) powers of industrial devices):

1. Measuring transformer sound power and estimation the sound pressure levels.

2. Measuring bitcoin mining container sound power and estimation sound pressure levels.

3. Measuring individual bitcoin miners sound powers in anechoic chamber.

4. Measuring acoustic parameters of casing and larged parallel silencers.