ULTRASNON Summer Workshop

On 14th July 2017 colleagues from project partner INETEC visited a laboratory located in Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing to be present while performing various laboratory setups and measurements. Workshop has started in the morning and finished late in the afternoon.

In pleasant atmosphere prof. dr. sc. Petošić has acquainted attendees with all details about measurement setup and procedure. Among other measuring procedures on ultrasound transducers 2 were most used:

  • frequency sweep using BODE analyzer with proprietary Matlab automatization scripts
  • observing reflexion on the oscilloscope using pulse and burst excitation

Results and conclusions will be used in the construction and design of a new commercial ultrasound transducer produced in INETEC.

The workshop has ended with a gathering of all participants in the debate and calm discussion in a local restaurant.

Autor: Petar Franček
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