The system for automatic acquisition...

The measurement system capable of automatic acquisition of RMS values of current through devices under test (DUT), i.e. piezoceramic elements and assembled ultrasonic transducers, and voltage across them. The system is also capable of measuring the sound pressure produced by the DUTs when excited with electrical signal, as well as measuring and monitoring the temperature changes exhibited by the DUTs as a result of high-power excitation during tests and measurements. The system consists of the OMICRON Lab BODE 100 vector/network analyzer, Agilent Technologies MSO-X-3024a mixed signal oscilloscope, Keysight 33500B waveform generator, Tektronix TCP312 current probe with Tektronix TCPA300 amplifier, Bruel&Kjaer Nexus conditioning amplifier, Keysight N2790A and Testec TT-SI 9001 differential probes, and Electronics & Innovation 2100L RF power amplifier with JT-6 matching transformer. 

Autor: Antonio Petošić
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