Presentation of a LoskSam/AcuLab...

In a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere with the large number of potential students and school pupils, the day of the open doors of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Zagreb was held on 25.11.2017. Visitors could get acquainted with the study programs of the FER, laboratories and a varity of scientific research and projects. Representatives of student associations and clubs provided information on student upgrades, exchanges and practices, and participation in sports competitions, excursions, and student life for future students. Teachers, students and staff of the faculty were available throughout the day for all visitors. For visitors the door was open from 10am to 4pm. At the entrance to the faculty there was a marked starting point from where the guided tours of the faculty went. In the tours were seen experiments from physics, experiments with sound, and Tesla's experiments and lightning. Along with the experiments, FER was presented to visitors at hall B4 starting at 12.30 pm and a moderated discussion that brought together the current and graduated FER femail students, FERgirl Tea Party.

Till this year at the days of the open doors the Department of Electroacoustics was present with the lectures and experiments presented to the visitors on the Xth floor of the C building of FER, but this year for the first time the departmant was presented in the main hall of the faculty. The Project Research Laboratory LoskSam / AcuLab was presented as part of the presentation of the institute. Attached to the this link you can download the poster in Croatian. 

Autor: Petar Franček
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